Secure Your Farm

Posted on September 10, 2020 by Categories: Blog Posts, Uncategorized

It is not easy to secure a complete farm boundary, simply due to its size. However, while generally most of your boundary will be fenced or have hedging of some sort, there will be most definitely be a gap where your main entrance is. This needs addressing if you are going to succeed in deterring criminals from entering your property.

The simplest solution; a gate locked with a padlock and chain.

However, while suitable for little used gates at the farm’s extremities, this is not ideal for your main entrance gate. This is where gate automation comes into play, giving you a closed and locked gate yet with the ease of entry for all those who you want and need to enter your property.

And now with solar powered gate automation giving the same levels of reliability as mains powered, it is now possible to automate your gate literally anywhere, regardless of the distance from a mains electric supply.

The GOLIATH security lock will keep your gate locked; and it automatically locks and then unlocks every time you open your gate.

Security starts at your entrance gate.

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