Electric Gates: An Alternative Option

Solar Power versus Electric Gates: the definitive argument

Alexandra Finch writes:

You’ve got the house in order: it doesn’t leak, groan or ooze mysterious substances and it generally holds itself together. The grounds look less hostile bush country and more rambling moors. Even the driveway’s been released from its weedy confines. But something’s missing. For a real impressive kerb appeal, you need a gate.

Gates suggest safety, security and class, instantly boosting the value of your property. A recent Crime Survey for England and Wales reported that between the years 2006 and 2015 garden furniture accounted for at least 50% of ‘other household theft’ (which is theft that excludes break-ins and burglaries). A strong, dependable automatic gate can protect your property from any such unnecessary temptations. But the type of automatic gate you choose says more than you would think: electric or solar powered?

Now you could go for an electric gate, because, let’s face it, everybody does. But you would be wrong to do so and here’s why:

  • Solar powered gates are, first and foremost, the cheaper option. Electric gates are expensive to install and to run, whereas, once installed, solar powered gates will work endlessly without any further financial input.
  • Electric gates need underground wiring systems, which will mean digging up your land and locating a feasible mains to connect to – extra work, money and stress.
  • Solar powered gates can be located anywhere on your property. They do not require as much external baggage as their electric counterparts, and so can be positioned as far from any civilised structures as needed. This ensures the security of all owned land, no matter how large or remote.
  • Electric gates rely on a good electricity supply – so what happens when your power’s down, or driveway damage interferes with the lines? Or perhaps the circuit runs a fault? You’ll either find yourself locked behind a pair of obstinate doors, or your property’s security will be dangerously lax. Garden furniture is a smart luxury that is an easy target. The fallibility of electric supply and gates failing broadens that target, endangering a lot more than your garden furniture once thieves are lured in.
  • Solar powered gates are better for the environment than electric gates. No further comment needed.

Once you look at the evidence, there is really no reason to choose electric gates over solar powered ones, it’s just that our brains are geared to opt for the electric upgrade of all our manual devices. Solar powered gates in fact involve more advanced – yet subtle – technology than electric gates, and are more convenient for a sustainable, active modern lifestyle.

Solar powered gate in Cotswolds

And don’t start on that malarkey about the UK not getting enough sun for solar panels – up-to-date solar panelled technology simply requires daylight rather than direct sunshine to produce power, guaranteeing a constant supply of free energy to your gate.

Alexandra Finch

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