Electric Opening Secure Field Gate

Wooden or Galvanized Fully Secure Stock or Field Gates

16ft gate replaces two old wooden gates to increase ON Farm security

From five bar wooden to multiple rail galvanized field gates, we are now able to fully automate your field gate, however remote, due to our solar powered systems developed specially for use in the UK

Using our own design of Winter Harvesting®solar panels combined with our range of state of the art Brushless motors, we have successfully developed a superior solar powered gate system that works right through every UK winter.

Designed to fit any number of types of field gates, up to 5 mts in length, mains electricity is no longer needed to provide the security your farm requires.

You can now have the ease of automation with peace of mind knowing that your field gates are always closed, hugely increasing on- farm security.

An open gate is a clear invitation to criminals. Watch BURGLAR BILL video here.

New farm entrance, no mains available, fitted in June 2016

Have multiple users?

No problem with our ‘free to use’ GMT 300S  phone system which enables you to store up to 300 mobile and/or landline numbers, any of which can open the gate.

A 30 day downloadable rolling log is available to track who has called your gate and when.

Want to remove a number?

No problem. Simply text the number to be removed from your ‘Guest list’ and that number no longer has access to your property.

We can also supply hand held remotes, vehicle exit sensors and coded keypads to suit the way you want to control the access to your property.

Locked field gate securing remote horse stabling nr Toddington, Glos.

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