Solar Powered Agricultural Gates

New farm entrance, no mains available, June 2016

We are able to fully automate most agricultural gates wherever their location, however remote, using our bespoke Winter Harvesting® solar panels together with our high tech range of BRUSHLESS digitally controlled motors.

No need to worry over whether the last person leaving has bothered to close your gate as solar power ensures that your gate is always kept closed.

An open gate is a clear invitation to criminals. Watch our BURGLAR BILL video

Multiple users are no problem with our GMT 300s number phone system only allowing those numbers who are on your ‘Guest List’ to enter your property. You can choose your list of up to 300 mobile and /or landline numbers so you know at any time exactly who has access to your property.

With no mains electric available, it is the time to use solar power to automate your farm gate and hang up the old padlock and chain which until now, has been the only option to keeping your gate closed and secure.

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16ft galvanized farm gate with GOLIATH lock, nr Melton Mowbray, Leics, March 2018

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