Gate Automation Systems

Gate automation systems now solar powered

Solar Gate Systems provide gate automation systems for virtually every situation, however remote, as mains electricity is not required.

Using free energy from the sun, our super efficient ‘moonlight’ solar panels combined with our digitally controlled brushless ram motors and deep cycle batteries now give you the flexibility to increase your security.

We use our bespoke 23 degree solar panel winter harvesting brackets to ensure that even in the dullest of winter days, we can provide a minimum of over 80 daily openings with our standard set up alone. If you require a larger number of cycles then we simply supply  larger panels to suit.

Combined with the latest GMT system, we can now offer you the facility to open and close your gate by mobile or landline phone telephone, from literally anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to be at home to open your gate to welcome visitors. How handy is that?!

We can also supply hand held remotes with a 150 mtr clear view range, coded keypads, and vehicle sensors laid in the grass verge detecting a vehicle’s magnetic field as additions to control your gate. You can have as few or as many as you require.

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