Rural Crime, where do we start?

Posted on August 7, 2020 by Categories: Blog Posts, Uncategorized

With Rural Crime in the U.K. now tragically reaching ever increasing numbers, the time has come for farmers and landowners to grasp the nettle and fightback. Thieves and criminals must not be given the easy opportunity, something that for too long has happened.

How many farms, estates, yards do you know where literally anyone can freely enter without any kind of barrier whatsoever? Would you ever see a house these days without a front door? Or one swinging in the breeze? Of course not, but occurring right across the U.K. every day of the year, untold numbers of farms either do not have or do not close and lock the main entrance gate.

CCTV around the yard, warning beams across your drive, Datatagging machinery are all very good crime deterrents, but are a second line of defence if thieves and criminals can simply come straight up your drive unhindered.

It is why a closed and locked gate, at the entry point to your property should be your minimum requirement. Hardly expensive compared to the value behind it ; not technically baffling ; and now with the option of reliable solar power, not requiring mains to operate.

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