Over 120 openings per day using solar power!

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This very busy breaking, pre-training and livery yard in the peaceful Northamptonshire countryside at Folly Fields Farm has well over 100 openings every day, all powered by solar power!

The very smart entrance gate and railings were erected to prevent the ever more frequent white van visitor that is the scourge of country folk.

However, with all the busy comings and goings, relying on each visitor to close the gate was just not realistic. Alternatively, bearing in mind the distance from the yard, digging in a mains electric cable was cost prohibitive.

Jason and Helen Newbold of Folly Fields Farm were recommended to approach Solar Gate Systems who installed their system in June 2016 with the JANUS super efficient brushless ram motor and the GMT 200S telephone system allowing their regular visitors to open the gate simply by using their mobiles.

Specifying 2 extra solar panels, combined with Solar Gate Systems Winter Harvesting® brackets, has ensured reliable use throughout the winter months. It’s not a case of ‘how many openings will the system do?’ but of ‘how many do you need?’

“The system works really well, for all our different users, and security at the yard has been massively increased” said a happy Jason.

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