National Trust use Solar Gate Systems

Posted on June 14, 2018 by Categories: Blog Posts, Uncategorized

National Trust use Solar Gate Systems to install a solar powered gate opening system right on top of The White Cliffs of Dover!

Having only recently bought the actual White Cliffs, the National Trust wanted to install a new locked gate. Daily summer access for up to 50 daily volunteers and staff is required, so a padlock and chain was just too impractical. With Mains power being over 3 miles away, they turned to Solar Gate Systems for the solution.

Using our unique Winter Harvesting® solar panels, Smart MPPT solar chargers and state of the art Brushless motors a solution was found. The snap shut, solenoid release GOLIATH lock kept the gate locked and the GMT 200S phone system allowed access to the 100+ users.

The system can be seen in the photo above, with France just visible in the background!

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