Horse box trailer and tack theft prevention

Posted on August 18, 2020 by Categories: Blog Posts, Uncategorized

An ever increasing number of horse box trailers are unfortunately falling prey to thieves and criminals seemingly operating with impunity in many areas of the U.K. Even once supposedly ‘safe’ areas are now being targeted.

How do they know where you keep your tack? Why do they avoid taking the 10 year old trailer in full sight? How do they know the new one is right around the back of the yard?

Well largely because your yard has been previously scouted , the criminals knowing exactly what you have and where it is.

So what is your best line of defence? CCTV? Alarms? More locks and keys? All useful, but the best use of your hard earned cash during these times? We recommend you start at the very beginning and secure your first line of defence which is your entrance gate.

If your yard gate is secured, then the only way to find out what and where your valuable possessions are is to break in…an inconvenience and a Criminal offence. With an open or worst of all, no gate, you might as well put up a sign saying “Come on in, have a look around”.

Thames Valley Police advise every landowner to have a closed gate as an absolute minimum security defence, so ‘pushing the problem down the road’ and presumably out of their region completely.

With solar power now able to give well over 80 daily openings right throughout the year, an automatic security gate can be fitted almost anywhere, your first line of defence.

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