Underground Electric Gate Openers- But Without the Cables!

  • Do you want the security and ease of operation that automatic cable electric gates give you, but do not have a safe and ready electric supply at your gate?
  • Have now realised the cost of getting an electric cable safely laid underground?
  • Do not want the potential dangers of laying an undergroud cable to your gate “on the cheap”?

This is the situation that many farmers, business owners, equestrian and home owners find themselves in.

As we know, an open gate invites unwanted visitors, yet a padlock and chain is simply not practical throughout the working day to keep the gate closed.

Please read below the current statutory regulations for laying an electric cable underground to your gates:

Electric gates need cables laid to this specification

Do not forget the cost of the actual cable which needs to be armoured and depending on the length of run, the thickness and grade of cable required to avoid a large voltage drop will also have to be factored in.


  • No expensive cables to lay
  • No trench disruption
Electric gates need cables laid to this specification
Long drive, no electric cables to lay

Rushwood luxury boarding kennels near Birdlip, Glos have a long half mile drive so hugely expensive to lay electric cables to their gates. Now with solar power, they can keep their electric gate closed out of hours using 24 hour timer with GMT 200S telephone opening for the unexpected guest.

Watch a video of a solar powered gate in action.

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