Solar Powered Gate Openers… No need to dig up your drive!

Do you want electric automatic gates but do not have electricity at your gate?

Or have electricity close by but do not want to dig up your drive?

Solar Gate Systems have the answers to both questions. A solar powered gate opening and closing system!

With a choice of systems,JANUS and JUNO, able to operate on wooden or metal gates, single or double gates, and barriers of up to 5.0mts in length, you will not have to worry about the huge cost and sheer inconvenience of digging up your drive to get that electric supply to your gate.

In fact, getting electricity to a gate can often work out at over ten times the cost of installing a complete solar powered system!

Specially designed for UK conditions,our solar powered gate openers are now the answer to many security issues, allowing you to choose who enters your property.

Our GSM Drop call accessory system even allows you to open or close your gate using a mobile or land line telephone. A call to your gate, it recognises your number and responds accordingly. And if using a mobile, all this happens from anywhere in the world at NO charge!

Solar powered gate openers at farm on Glos/Wilts border, no need to dig up your drive anymore

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