Solar Gates UK. Learn how solar gates can work for you

Have installed a Solar powered gate system designed in the UK for operating in the UK

Solar Gate Systems have many years of expirience producing and installing a solar powered gate automatic gate system that really works day after day in all UK conditions. Using the latest generation of super efficient daylight sensitive solar panels, we are able to specify the size of solar panel and battery to suit the required number of daily, weekly and yearly operating cycles of your gate, whether that’s 5, 50 or 150 cycles per day.

The advantages that solar has over mains include just some of the following:

  • No expensive mains cable to lay
  • Can site in almost any location
  • Continuous service through power cuts
  • 24volt design for super efficiency
  • Free green energy

And solar power does not mean that there has to be a compromise on the range of available options. Telephone control, either from a mobile or landline, can be added to open and close your gate; timed opening can be used to keep the gate automatically open during busy working hours; vehicle movements to open the gate can be detected without digging up your drive; all using free green energy from the sun. Solar gates UK now solve many previously unsolveable problems.

“I can’t imagine that we used to keep the yard gate open all the time” JS nr Bath

“Mobile phone opening at the end of our 2 mile drive, fantastic!” PK, Oxford

“Everyone knew the combination lock number” R J-S, Hants

“No digging or mess at all, can’t recommend highly enough” BM, Cheltenham

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