Electric Gates the Answer? No. Automate your Driveway Gate the Smart Way

Where mains electricity is available, electric gate openers have been the only solution when automating your driveway gate.

However, until recently, if you wanted electric gate openers and mains power was not easily or cheaply at hand, there was no solution.

All this has now changed with the introduction of super efficient daylight sensitivsolar panels which harvest free energy from the sun.

We say, No Mains, No problem. Electric Gate Openers are the Answer

So  you are now able to have all the benefits of fully automated electric gate openers using free energy from the sun, in almost any location.

The benefits of solar powered gate systems are:

  • No expensive electric cables to lay, saving hundreds if not thousands of £
  • No digging, so no disturbance of your driveway
  • No ongoing electric bills
  • Can locate almost anywhere, probably where crime is higher
  • All the latest high-tech ancillaries available, such as GSM opening control

“Of the millions of pounds that I have spent on farm machinery over the years, I can honestly say that the best purchase has without question, been my automatic farm gate”.

Colin Rayner, J.Rayner & Sons, Berkyn Manor Farm, Slough. March 2015

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