Electric Gates or Solar Powered?

At last, you have a direct choice when fitting automatic gates….electric powered or solar powered? Our Solar powered automatic gates opening and closing systems offer a true alternative to mains powered automatic gates. After extensive testing over many years in the UK, we can offer the UK a proven solar powered system, that really works and has none of the drawbacks electric gates offer users – costs: financially and environmentally.

The solar powered advantage:

  • No need to dig up your drive to lay cables
  • Free running costs, Green energy
  • Power cuts won’t interrupt your exit
  • Can literally locate anywhere, as mains not required
  • High-tech accessories developed especially for solar
Double bespoke gates, Warwickshire

Solar panels charge large leisure batteries, so it is the batteries which do the work. Even with a complete lack of solar charging, the battery will give over 800 openings on a JUNO system. Yet today’s state of the art solar panels are much more efficient than only a few years ago, relying on daylight rather than direct sunshine to produce power.

There are two systems available, JANUS and JUNO. Operating on metal or wooden gates and barriers, we can install on existing single or double systems.

Our GSM Drop call system even allows you to open or close your automatic gates using a mobile or land line phone. Call your gate, it recognises your number and responds accordingly. And if using a mobile, all this happens from anywhere in the world at NO charge!

Locked gate securing remote horse stabling nr Toddington, Glos.

So now, it is possible to keep your gates shut at the times YOU want to, yet open them with the ease of full automation, thanks to the sun.

Green power gives modern solutions.

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