Electric Gates in Oxford… can now be powered by free energy from the sun

At last, you have a choice. Solar Gate Systems based near Oxford supply and install Solar powered gate opening and closing systems which offer a true alternative to mains powered electric gates. After extensive testing over many years in the UK, and with many systems now giving fantastic results we can offer the UK a proven solar powered system, that really works.

  • No need to dig up your drive to lay cables
  • Free running costs, Green energy
  • No need to worry about power cuts
  • Can locate anywhere, no mains required
  • High tech accessories available

With a choice of two systems,JANUS and JUNO, we are able to operate on gates and barriers of up to 5.0mts in length, single or double systems, metal or wooden gates.

Our GSM Drop call system even allows you to open or close your electric gates using a mobile or land line phone. Call your gate, it recognises your number and responds accordingly. And if using a mobile, all this happens from anywhere in the world at NO charge!

Electric gates in Oxford, totally solar powered

So now it is possible to keep your gates shut at the times YOU want to, yet open them with the ease of full automation, thanks to the sun, and with no extra running costs. Green power, gives modern solutions.

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