Solar Powered Electric Gates in Wiltshire

Yes, solar powered gate openers are now a real alternative to automatic electric gates in Wiltshire. Designed especially for use in the UK, solar powered gate openers give you the option to install automatic electric gates in the remotest of locations, with NO need to dig in an expensive mains electric cable. As we say, No mains, No problem! After extensive testing in the UK, Solar Gate Systems solar powered gate openers are therefore the real Green alternative using free energy from the sun.

We have developed our unique 23degree Winter Harvesting® solar panel brackets for maximum power. When used in conjunction with the latest super efficient Brushless motor technology, are able to power your gates through every winter.

Our GMT 200S phone system allows you to open or close your automatic gates using a mobile or land line phone. Up to 200 telephone numbers can be stored in the system as users; new numbers are very easily added or deleted. There are NO call charges either!

Just one of the many electric gates in Wiltshire installed by Solar Gate Systems:

Situated just off the A303 running through Wiltshire, this unique gate has been designed to make a statement. Keep out! It is fitted with the GOLIATH snap shut solenoid lock which ensures that just that.

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Watch a video of a solar powered gate in action.

NEW ZEUS 36v brushless motor powering huge 19ft farm gate in Wiltshire
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