Solar & Mains Gates Hertfordshire

Solar Gate Systems have supplied and installed hundreds of solar and mains powered gate automation systems right across the U.K. including Hertfordshire.

They are now known as the farm gate security specialists having developed the GOLIATH slam shut, solenoid release, 2000lbs holding force security lock. This ensures that when your gate is closed, it is locked.

An open gate is an invitation to thieves.

Don’t give them the opportunity to cause misery, above all, keep your gate closed.

Solar Gate Systems Award Winning system uses state of the art Brushless gate motors, combined with our bespoke 23degree Winter Harvesting® solar panel mounts. So this means that you can rely on a robust, commercial specification system for your farm security.

A complete range of opening controls are available;

  1. Hand held remote fob with a 150mtr clear view range
  2. Vehicle sensing
  3. Wireless coded keypads
  4. Timed Tradesman’s buttons
  5. Mobile and Landline phone opening.
Farm gate secures farm with full automation.

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