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Solar Gate Systems are the solar gate installers in Gloucestershire, chosen by many customers right across the county. With the latest technology, Solar power is now the real alternative to a mains powered automated gate; where there is no mains electric supply, it IS the solution to increase your security yet have the ease of automation.

Winter Harvesting® solar panels

We use our bespoke 23degree Winter Harvesting® solar panel mounting bracket design combined with the latest state of the art Brushless motors running at 24v DC to ensure that year round operation occurs. In fact, we have several gates that are opened over 100 times daily right throughout the year, even in the dullest of UK winters.

Full range of gate opening options

We can supply a comprehensive range of solar friendly opening methods to suit your own situation, all supplied on a ‘Mix and Match’ basis.

  1. Hand held remotes with a 150mtr clear view range
  2. Wireless coded keypads
  3. Vehicle sensors
  4. Timed automatic opening
  5. Timed Tradesman’s button during working hours only
  6. GMT 300s phone system for up to 300 users
Locked gate securing remote horse stabling nr Toddington, Glos.
Goliath solenoid lock

The optional GOLIATH snap shut solenoid lock ensures that every time your gate is closed, it is firmly locked with a 2000lbs holding force. Opened by a solenoid a fraction before the motor starts, you do not know it is even there on opening. An easy way to massively increase your security.

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