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 Solar Gate Systems are the solar gate installers in Buckinghamshire. With hundreds of solar powered gate openers now installed throughout the south of England from our base in Oxfordshire, we are undoubtably the specialists in our field!Solar power is now the real alternative to digging a mains powered cable to your entrance gates, whether you are after increased security or ease of access. Our GOLIATH snap shut solenoid lock ensures that whenever your gate is closed, it is automatically locked so massively increasing your security.

Winter Harvesting® solar panel brackets

Solar Gate Systems have developed bespoke 23degree Winter Harvesting® solar panel brackets and combined these with Brushless motors to give year round operations even in the middle of winter. Over 100 daily openings are commonplace.

There is a range of solar friendly opening systems which can all be specified on a ‘Mix and Match’ basis to ensure that the ones chosen are perfect for your situation.

These can include some or all of the following:

  • Hand held remotes with a clear view range of 200mtrs
  • Coded wireless keypads
  • Timed Tradesman’s push buttons, only operational during working hours
  • Vehicle sensors
  • GMT 200S phone system for up to 200 users
  • Timed automatic openings and closings

These systems will ensure that you keep out those who you do not want to enter your property, keep in those who you do not want to leave your property, and give access to those who you want to see. All using FREE energy from the sun.

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Very smart bespoke gate at livery yard, Wicken, nr Buckingham
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