Northamptonshire Farm Gate Security

Solar Gate Systems have many delighted customers in Northamptonshire, having installed solar powered gate opening systems in Northants for many years. In fact, our second ever solar powered gate operating system is in Northamptonshire!

We have solar powered systems now operating farm gates from 3 to 7 metres in Northants which all use our state of the art Brushless technology gate motors, increasing On-Farm security

Smart MPPT solar chargers

Just one key component of our Superior solar generating system is our Smart MPPT solar charger which is working constantly to maximise the charge going in to the Deep cycle battery pack. This means that every opportunity is taken to turn sunshine into stored power.

This important component is often overlooked by some companies when building solar systems, who prefer to supply the cheapest charger they can, to you the customer, not the best.

Full range of control systems

We can install a full range of control options, all on a ‘Mix and Match’ basis to suit

  1. Hand held remotes with a 150mtr clear view range
  2. Wireless coded keypads
  3. Vehicle sensors
  4. Timed automatic opening
  5. Timed Tradesman’s button during working hours only
  6. GMT 300s phone system for up to 300 mobile or landline users. NO call charges incurred.
Secure farm gate keeping out unwanted visitors

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