Mains & Solar Gates Nottinghamshire

Solar Gate Systems are the U.K.’s leading solar powered gate automation company which means increased peace of mind where mains electric is not available.

We have developed a range of systems to automate gates and barriers up to 7 metres in length, installed right across the country including Nottinghamshire, therefore giving increased security to farmers and land owners.

We use the latest components;

  • Firstly, state of the art Brushless gate motors.
  • Secondly, Smart MPPT solar charge controllers.
  • Thirdly, our bespoke Winter Harvesting® solar panel mounts.

This all leads to a robust, reliable, Commercial specification system you can rely on for your farm security.

We have a comprehensive range of Gate Control methods available which means total flexibility of operation.

  1. Hand held remote with a 150mtr clear view range
  2. Vehicle sensing
  3. Wireless coded keypads
  4. Timed Tradesman’s push button
  5. Mobile and Landline phone opening
Large 18ft Solar Powered farm security gate

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