Farm Gate Security Herefordshire

Solar Gate Systems have installed both mains and solar powered gates across Herefordshire, which allows our customers to keep their farm gates both closed and locked at all times; yet with the flexibility and ease of operation that gate automation brings.

Using the latest BRUSHLESS motor technology, these super efficient gate motors deliver huge torque with minimum power requirement. This is why we can have over 80 daily openings using solar power alone.

Winter Harvesting® Solar Panel Mounts

Using our specially designed Winter Harvesting® solar panel mounts which maximises the winter sun harvest, combined with our state of the art Smart MPPT solar chargers and Deep Cycle AGM solar batteries, we understand solar!

Full range of control options

All our control options can be used on a mix and match basis to suit each individual customer needs.

  1. Hand held remotes with a 150mtr clear view range
  2. Wireless coded keypads
  3. Vehicle detecting sensors
  4. Timed automatic opening, closing and locking
  5. Timed Tradesman’s button which is live during working hours only
  6. GMT 300s phone system for up to 300 users

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