Electric Gates in Oxfordshire… Solar Power Gives New Options

Solar powered gate openers are now the real alternative to automatic electric gate openers in Oxfordshire, especially in remote locations, where there are problems and cost involved in getting an electric supply to the gate. Solar Gate Systems supply a range of solar powered Commercial systems designed especially for use in the UK.

With our range of three super efficient brushless motors, the JANUS, JUNO and ZEUS, we can supply solar powered gate openers for gates up to 7.0 metres;  all powered by free energy from the sun.

Full solar automation will now give you the electric gates that you have always wanted without the cost of laying a mains electicity supply.

Winter Harvesting® solar panel brackets

Our unique 23degree Winter Harvesting® solar brackets ensure that full winter operation occurs. The solar panels can be located up to 100 metres from the gate and their number is dependent on opening frequency. Their function is to top up the pair of large leisure type batteries.

You can even open your solar powered gate in Oxfordshire with a mobile or landline phone, using our GMT 200S phone system. There are NO call charges either! 200 users are pre-stored on the system so you decide who can enter your property. You can also open your gate from literally anywhere in the world.

As well as a host of other opening options including keypads and timers. All can be used on a Mix and match basis to exactly suit your nees.

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Watch a video of a solar powered gate in action.

Rear view of gate showing stone pillar special plate fixing in Oxfordshire Cotswolds
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