Electric Gates in Hampshire

Yes, solar powered gate openers are now the real alternative to automatic electric  gates in Hampshire. Designed especially for use in the UK, our solar powered gate openers give you the option not to dig up your drive to lay expensive electric cables, or become trapped in the event of a power cut. At last, you have a choice. After extensive development carried out over nearly 5 years in the UK, solar power is the real alternative.

Wooden gate electric opener

With three sizes of brushless motor available, the JANUS, JUNO and ZEUS, we are able to supply a solar gate system to suit gates and barriers of up to 7.0mts in length, single or double systems, metal or wooden gates.

Using our bespoke 23degree Winter Harvesting® solar panel brackets, the solar panels will provide year round power using free energy from the sun for the two leisure type batteries, safely stored in the GRP lockable control box.

Our GMT 200S phone system even allows you to open or close your electric gates in Hampshire using a mobile or land line phone so that you can control your gate from anywhere in the world! Up to 200 numbers can be stored in the system and are very easily added or deleted. There are NO call charges either!

The solar panels can be up to 100 metres from the gate with no significant power loss so there can be some degree of flexibility. You will need clear southerly skies though!

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Watch a video of a solar powered gate in action.

Remote gate in Bourton, Hampshire, Spring 2017

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